Philosophy of Education

My teaching philosophy has been formed by my internship experiences as well as mentors, professors, and administration that I have had the pleasure of working with.

VALUE: I think having high expectations of your students is extremely important in order to see success.  If you do not expect students to do well in the classroom, why should they believe they can succeed?  One way to show that you have high expectations of students is showing that you value them by building strong relationships with every individual in your class.  Letting students voice their opinion, not only on curriculum knowledge, but the classroom environment itself, will help you become a better teacher.   Every student has unique experiences that can help enrich the classroom environment.

INQUIRY:   It is important to let students tell their own story in the classroom and the world.  Encouraging students to use inquiry skills such as asking questions, investigating, discussing findings, and reflecting on experiences will increase student engagement.  A successful outcome is not the only thing teachers should be focusing on.  Rather, the process of inquiry itself needs to be encouraged and viewed as valuable because students can use these skills in  interdisciplinary ways.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: I also am a strong believer in social justice education.  I want to be anti-oppressive in an authentic way rather than simply doing it because I have to.   One of my professors stated that it is vital to find a mix between honoring and celebrating culture, gender, sex, and citizenship while simultaneously bringing to light racism, sexism, ageism, class, and privilege because it is all interconnected. While this is not an easy task, I am excited to discover different ways to include anti-oppressive education in my teaching.

CONNECTIONS: I want to make the curriculum relevant for my students so they will engage in my class.  As a social studies teacher, it is important to use historical context for explaining things that are happening in the world today.  I want my students to feel that what they are learning is valuable and applicable to their world.

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