“Generation Z is not behaving like I used to on the internet” — Feb 13, 2014

This is statement I have heard countless times from my peers, colleagues, family, and myself.  Usually it is used in a negative way, stating that they are not smart for doing what they are doing.  However, it is completely unfair to compare one generation to the next when it comes to posting things on the internet.  Growing up in a time when you had this type of technology as an adolescent would be completely different than getting an Ipad when you are 54.


The funny thing is that people my age, who have also said “kids these days are so *enter word* with technology” forget that we weren’t very careful with it either.  I remember in 2011 when people thought their private messages were being leaked onto their facebook walls.  I actually completely believed that my messages were leaked, based on the content that appeared on my wall.  However, it turned out that they were simply old wall posts that people had written… that I had written back in 2009.

Facebook SecurityThis was an interesting insight as you could see how social media and protecting your online identity changed within two years.  I couldn’t believe some of the posts that I had written publicly on other peoples’ walls (for everyone to see! eek!) but the truth was I wasn’t worried about the ramifications of what people saw back then; I viewed the internet as a safe place to say whatever I wanted.  Luckily, this type of ignorance is changing and education will be a big part in determining how students view the internet and how they project themselves online.


Detective at work! My own digital identity  — Feb 6, 2014

Taking ECMP 355 has allowed me to go into the depths of the internet and find out if I have anything unwanted on my online digital identity.  Teachers are held to a high standard in public eye.  I remember being told that I could not go for a pint at a pub if I was a teacher because it was unprofessional in my first or second year of education.  (I am still here so I guess that means I love what I am doing more than beer!).

What I found was somewhat hilarious. Nexopia. Anyone else remember nexopia? It was from grade nine and I still found my profile.  There it was… my cringe-worthy self at 14 years of age, talking about things that should have not been on the internet to begin with.  Luckily, I remembered my password from almost a decade ago. I tried like four passwords and BAM! (I really liked the colour orange in my younger years so it wasn’t too hard to figure it out).

I honestly thought my digital identity was totally clean before this class.  That one nexopia page, although not extremely inappropriate for the internet, is not something I would want my students to see.  I will be continuously googling myself from now now and I feel confident that the pages that are on the internet connected to myself are ones that I want to be.


Technology and Marketing  — Jan 28, 2014

Let me preface this post by saying that I have no experience in business or marketing so take what I say with a grain of salt. However, I do consider myself to be a pretty business-minded individual.

I was recently browsing facebook and someone shared this post:

Gipsy Boots

“Just TWO days left until the end of Gipsy Dharma’s 20th Free Leather Boots Giveaway! 
*** Free Gipsy Dharma Boots GIVEAWAY Number 20 (Available worldwide with free shipping and no hidden charges!) ***

19 lucky ladies have already won a pair of beautiful Gipsy Dharma boots, will you be next?  I’m now running my giveaways once a week, which means that there will be 4 lucky winners every month!


To enter this competition please do the following:
1) Like this picture
2) Comment on this picture (Just a word or two for us to be able to count everyone who entered, so maybe your size & preferred colour?  )
3) Share the word about Gipsy Dharma with your friends if you like our product range (this would be greatly appreciated!)
4) And don’t forget to LIKE our page (if you haven’t already.)

And that’s it! Just wait until the winner is announced and GOOD LUCK to everyone! …”

Now, if you frequently go on facebook, I am sure you would have seen similar posts being distributed by friends and family.  This photo got me thinking about how marketing is so different because of the numerous platforms available to sell things and make your company known (etsy, reddit, 4chan, ebay, kijiji, etc.).  Just recently, there was an AMA on reddit where a man, who sold 6 copies of his book at that point, answered questions.  His book got to #300 best selling on Amazon after he won over the reddit community. Let’s also keep in mind that almost every big box retail company has an online platform to purchase goods.  If I wanted to, I could shop at Macy’s, go to the boot section, and purchase them online in two clicks.

Facebook and Etsy are good platforms for small or medium-sized companies to gain a consumer base.  It’s really cool to think about.  Granted, the sheer amount of businesses on the internet make it difficult to reach out to customers sometimes. As soon as I saw that picture, I wanted those boots so badly. I think this type of marketing is a great way to get customers and let people see your product.

I love that small companies are getting a chance to compete in this expanding market because of facebook share posts.  It’s a strange hypocrisy as I am not a huge fan of facebook itself.  I think it also shows that companies like Gipsy Dharma believe in their product enough to have free giveaways and/or send boots for people to review.  I hope more markets like etsy (I am not sure how much money they take from sales so I hope it is relatively low) become popular so people who love to create things have an opportunity to make a living out of it.

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