2 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swing – Private to Public to Semi-Private

  1. Perfect sign off I must say! I hadn’t thought of the semi-private spaces increasing the possibility of cyber-bullying until watching your vlog Katherine. I think this is definitely a valid concern. By eliminating the permanency of posts, students may consider that there won’t be ramifications for cyber bullying through, say, a 24 hour snapchat story. Very interesting point made!

    I also appreciate your comment about having the discussions why negative comments shouldn’t be made, and not only focus on why these comments shouldn’t be made online. In my little primary world, we are constantly discussing how to treat one another and speak kindly with/show empathy towards others. I think as students get older, a big shift sometimes does occur and we put a lot of focus on their online presence and online relationships, and lose focus that students simply shouldn’t be saying nasty things to each other regardless of online or face to face.

    In your experience as a high-school teacher do you find you have to deal with cyber-bullying issues after they occur or are they discussions prevention and educating about the risks and ramifications?

    • Hmmm… Interesting question. I guess I have mostly experienced the former, where I have to deal with cyber-bullying issues after (or while) they occur. I’ve had students come to me and show me what is happening to them when they are being cyber-bullied. The comments were harsh and violent and it made me recognize how important and needed discussions around cyber-bullying and digital citizenship are. I totally agree with you– I think that I (even as a heavy technology advocate) have really neglected talking about the basics of being good human beings to each other. We tackle a lot of heavy material in my classes but this rule seems so simplistic that I usually make the assumption students already know these things.

      It’s really hard to talk about the risks and ramifications in a legal sense because our laws have not adapted to the digital world we are living in. The laws around cyber-bullying are very murky. School administration doesn’t have a lot of control, unless cyber-bullying takes place on school grounds. I’m not sure what the answer is. I do talk about the ramifications of cyber-bullying on an emotional level, and students are honest when I ask which platform bullying is most common on. The ELA 20 curriculum really allows for discussion around this because an essential question asks how childhood is different for 21st century learners.

      I think it would be really beneficial to have a structure in place for integrating digital citizenship in every ELA curriculum, from Gr.1-12.

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