So We Meet Again, Blog.

Remember my last blog post where I gave you a sneak peak into my new classroom and said I would update it weekly? HAHAHAHA. So apparently, there is this thing called “being a new teacher” which takes up quite a bit of time.

It’s easy to let things like this slide when you are balancing formative/summative assessments, performance-based tasks, anti-oppressive education, and extra-curricular activities. It has been an entire year since I posted on this blog– to say things in my classroom have changed would be an understatement.

I decided to begin my Masters of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Regina this year. Most of the people in my life thought that I was crazy, while others said “now is the time! Do it before you have children!!” Regardless, here I am. I am back in the position of being a student.


Photo Credit: francisco_osorio via Compfight cc

Interestingly enough, it’s easy to forget what being a student is like. I remember reading about how a teacher shadowed students for two days and could not believe how tired she was and how patronized she felt. I try and remember this so I can strive to be a class that isn’t teacher-led and give students a voice. I think joining EC&I 831 will benefit, not only myself, but my students. I’ll say it again– learning about something related to your passion is one of the most amazing feelings. EC&I 831 is such a great course because it provides opportunities to further your knowledge, regardless of your passions or where you start with technology.

I definitely consider myself to be a tech-savvy person but there is still SO MUCH MORE TO DO. I love learning and participating in open education– collaborating with the most innovative minds across the world to improve student learning is majestic (*English teachers do not use that word lightly*).  Technology allows us to network, ask for help, share resources, be lifelong learners, improve our teaching, gain feedback, be supported, try new things, collaborate on work, and so much more. Incoming smiling dog to emphasize how happy it all makes me:

Happy Dog

Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe via Compfight cc

I’m going to stop now. I could write about this forever, but a blog post shouldn’t be a blah post.

-Koskie Out (I need to think of a cool signing off statement)


4 thoughts on “So We Meet Again, Blog.

  1. In my humble opinion, “Koskie out” is an excellent signoff… since to me it references Tina Fey. Also, do you self host? Or did you just upgrade on WordPress? We may be able to fix your blog hub problem….

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