Queenstown (Part I) and Milford Sounds

Flying into Queenstown is awesome. The views… the mountains, lakes, valleys, and sky is indescribable, especially coming from the flat prairies of Saskatchewan.  My friend, Anneke, even caught a glimpse of a rainbow when flying.

Queenstown Rainbow

After arriving in Queenstown, I took a shuttle to Nomads Backpackers. This was the first time I went to one of the “big” hostel companies and had a really good experience. It wasn’t so much the hostel, as I find big hostels to be a little isolating, noisy, and often times more dirty than other small independent hostels.

My roommatFergburgeres — shoutout to my 120 team people! — were unreal. Sean (Alberta) told me I had to eat a Fergburger…. and eat a fergburger I did. I ate the whole thing and I am telling you… this thing is massive! I tried to take a picture to demonstrate how big it was but it didn’t really work out so well.

The next night, Jo (UK) joined us and we decided to go out and about, checking out the night life. We saw a really great live band and had some good eats.


Sunday morning Jo and I decided to book white water rafting which was SO MUCH FUN! Seriously, I loved it. We even got to hop in the river when it was fairly calm and just let the water take us… so much fun. I have a few really great shots, including one where shortly after I fell off the raft.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting 10271529_10152220157774585_2560650323089994803_n


Anneke and I drove to Te Anau the next morning because we thought it was 30 minutes away from Milford Sounds (it was actually two hours, woops!) so we got up early to head for Milford Sounds and begin our kayak trip.  Unfortunately, the weather turned out to be terrible and we couldn’t kayak so we booked a cruise with Small Encounters (definitely recommend them!).  They are a smaller boat so they can get right under waterfalls. In fact, when my friend and I were getting a picture taken right by a waterfall…. this happened to me.

<Will upload picture of getting owned by a waterfall when Wi-Fi permits>

Rather than posting pictures of Milford directly to my blog I have created an imgur link that allows you to view all of the good stuff.

Milford Sounds


Milford Sounds



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