Windy Wellington

Hello everyone,

I know it has been a long time but I can only write blog posts when hostels have computers with keyboards on them.  Ain’t nobody got time to do this on a tablet. So here is a brief update on my trip: I took a bus to Auckland and stayed in the worst hostel — let me just say the lighting was florescent and brown stains were visible.  No worries, I brought my handy dandy travel sheet and spent the night freezing my butt off.


The next day I flew to beautiful Wellington with a population of 400 000 people.  The flight to Wellington was fairly uneventful because fog made visibility low.  The landing freaked me out a bit because it feels like you are just going to land in the middle of the ocean.  There are some pretty entertaining videos of planes trying to land with heavy Wellington winds on YouTube. Bravo, pilots.

But seriously, Wellington is super windy.  The wind doesn’t hide the magnificent scenery or amazing people I met during my stay. As soon as I landed I met up with some locals and watched Star Wars Episode IV, V, and VI in theatres. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. All of the people I met at the theatre were super friendly and welcoming. So a big thanks to them, specifically Anthony who went above and beyond during my stay. The picture below was taken by him so I can’t take credit for it (unfortunately):


My favourite place was probably an old graveyard that was situated right beside the university.  I absolutely love visiting old graveyards because they tell such sad and strange stories of lives people had.  For instance, infant mortality rates were high and many children died before they reached the age of five years old.  The majority of headstones reflected this sad truth.

unnamed ddsd

My second favourite was a hike in Eastbourne that had pretty amazing views. I did get a little lost on my way to this view but it was all worth it in the end. My gopro’s battery was on its last leg and I could only get a single shot of the view.

Eastbourne Hike View

I was planning on staying in Wellington for four days and ended up staying for two weeks.  I absolutely love this place. The night life, music, size, and scenery was an overwhelming experience and I am glad to be flying out of Wellington so I can say a final goodbye.





I met a lovely German girl, Anneke, in Wellington and we are currently traveling the South Island together.


Plus I got a job teaching back home at Melville Comprehensive School when I was in Wellington so I am thinking it is my good luck city. :)

2 thoughts on “Windy Wellington

  1. Glad you had a great time! There’s definitely something a little bit special about Wellington. Big enough to be interesting but small enough to be really friendly.

    Maybe when you’re all finished up and ready for home, write a little note on reddit Wellington to let us know how the whole trip went. :) Catch you around

  2. hi beautiful pictures. I would like to know if your skydiving pictures are free to download for commercial use with modifications.

    Thank you

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