Letter to my future self.

I recently read an CBC article where a Saskatchewan teacher got his students to write future letters to themselves.  Each grade nine class decided if they would get their letter mailed 10, 20, or 25 years later.  The teacher is now fulfilling these promises he made and tracking down every single student’s address.  I was thinking about how cool this assignment was and how I could implement it into my classroom.  However, the process of tracking down every student would be extremely time consuming.  I did some not-so-heavy googling and found the website FutureMe.org.  This website allows you to write a future email to yourself and, on the date you specify, send it to your email. There are definitely downfalls to this type of electronic system, considering my email during high school is no longer the same I use today.  However, I think it is pretty cool that we can implement new technology on older assignments and subsequently have a more hassle-free life.

2 thoughts on “Letter to my future self.

  1. I love this idea. In grade nine we wrote letters to our grade 12 selves. It was really interesting to see how much we changed in that time .I can’t imagine what I would think if I read a letter from myself twenty years from now. Kudos to that teacher for going through that effort!

  2. I agree that is awesome. I did this as well in grade nine but by grade twelve our teacher lost the letter!! I was very upset as I was really curious to see what I wrote to myself. I will definitely give this a shot, thanks for sharing!

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