Teaching Resume Infographic

I could not figure out what to make an infographic on so I decided to create a visual representation of my teaching resume.  I will eventually put in my convocation picture in it so it is more professional but I don’t have those yet so enjoy my picture feature Bogie, my dog.



3 thoughts on “Teaching Resume Infographic

  1. I really like this Katherine! This is something that a potential employer can look at and know who you are and what you are about in an instant. Simple yet informative, I may just copy your idea at some point!! Two questions: How did you get to take RAP training already? I thought we need our certification first, I would really like to take it as well. Also, is your blog address right in the Infographic? (just noticed the extra dot in there). Awesome job!

    • Woops! I’m going to have to change the extra dot. I have contacted Donna about RAP training so I put that I am expecting to take it this year. I think it is a good way of showing I am determined to continuously develop my professional goals and become a lifelong learner. I will let you know when Donna gets back to me and forward the information to you.

      • That would be wonderful, thank you! I agree, it is important to show we are committed and will work on continuous improvement!

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